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Video Game Contest

by Amy Trujillo -


The Game Design Challenge empowers K-12 students to create their own video game through a collaborative, creative and critical thinking journey. IGDA and Legends of Learning are proud to host the Spring '22 Game Design Challenge!

The theme for the Spring ’22 Game Design Challenge is Games For All

The goal of this theme is for all participants to create a video game that cultivates inclusion among players in a collaborative way. Dell, along with Legends of Learning and IGDA, firmly believes in equity within our communities, and that technology (including video games!) is a way to bridge the gaps between people of different genders, cultures, socioeconomic statuses, and abilities. 

The two (2) Grand Prize-winning teams will each receive a $500 Amazon gift card as well as a premium swag bag with merchandise from our sponsors. Ten (10) Runner Up winners will each receive a swag bag with a variety of merchandise from our sponsors. 

It’s no joke - the Opening Ceremony of the “Games for All” Game Design Challenge is on April 4th at 5 pm EST!  

Join Legends of Learning, IGDA, Dell Technologies, and CodeCombat for a discussion about the theme of the Challenge, how you can get the most out of the experience, and the amazing resources our sponsors are providing to registered teachers, parents, and students. 

If you are not able to attend live, you can submit your students’ questions beforehand here.

All competition details, programming, and prize information can be found here. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! 

K-12 Art Contest

by Amy Trujillo -

K-12 Student Art Contest

Students will create a visual design showing people how to take simple steps to reduce food waste.
  • THEME: Save Food, Save Money

  • We will accept entries through April 8, 2022

  • Winners will be announced the first week of May 2022

Art contest prizes

1st place: $500

2nd place: $250

3rd place: $100

Energy Whiz - April 30th in Cocoa

by Amy Trujillo -

Energy Whiz - April 30th in Cocoa

All of our students are encouraged to compete at the large, regular in-person Energy Whiz on April 30th in Cocoa.  To learn more, check out this slide deck.  If you are attending, please pay $40 for the team here.  Our first-place winners at the Virtual Energy Whiz do not have to pay.  Make sure you are signed up so we know which students to expect in Cocoa on April 30th!  

 This year's competitions include:

  • Critter Comfort Cottage (gr. 3 - 12) -- design & build a 'green' animal habitat

  • Energy Transfer Machine (gr. 3 - 12) -- build a successful Rube Goldberg machine

  • Energy Innovations (gr. 3 - 12)  --  design & build a project powered by renewable energy

  • Energy Inspired Art (gr. K - 12) -- explore renewable energy or climate change using any form of art

  • Junior Solar Sprint (gr. 4 - 8) -- design & build a model solar car

  • Solar Energy Cook-Off (gr. 3 - 12) -- design, build a solar cooker, and try it out

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